Jeanne Sorrell, RN – Cleveland Heights, OH

My husband and I have been under Dr. Zutshi’s care for over a year, my husband for treatment of spinal stenosis pain and me for treatment of symptoms from Parkinson’s.  Dr. Zutshi has been invaluable in helping us to manage the symptoms and stress that come with these diseases. She is incredibly talented in her practice and continually seeks out classes to expand her knowledge of research-based treatment approaches. I especially appreciate how she adapts her acupuncture treatments to reflect my changing needs. In addition to the acupuncture treatments, at each session she provides important information about maintaining health. Even just her caring and calm presence is healing. Her intelligent and skillful approach to treatments leads me to leave each session with renewed energy and feeling of wellness. I am so thankful we found Dr. Zutshi!

Ingrid Kobe Cleveland Ohio

I have been treated with acupuncture by Dr Massarat Zutshi for the last six years. The reasons for treatment have included grief, pain, weight loss, gastric reflux, stress, wellness, and facial rejuvenation. Over the years, there can be no doubt in my mind that the benefits of acupuncture have significantly contributed to my healing and health, thus enhancing my life. I have found each treatment session to be a unique and calming experience. The acupuncture feels as though the therapeutic benefit builds with each appointment as relief goes deeper with longer duration, resulting in relaxation and peace. I highly recommend Dr.Zutshi as she is very compassionate, consistently takes the time to listen, and offers a variety of method options to support and enhance the inherent health within an individual. I’m so grateful for Dr. Zutshi.

Dianne Weiss RN Cleveland Oh

Had a number of acupuncture sessions with Dr. Zutshi for esophageal spasms but also had a number of inflammatory type conditions. Was amazed at how accurately she diagnosed my other issues and set forth different protocols to help me. Loaned me and instructed me on how to use a microcurrent treatment machine when she was not available to treat me. Have improved a great deal just as she had hoped! Was so comforting to know that someone recognized health issues that may be amenable to a different type of treatment than that of standard western medicine.
Can’t thank her enough for her kindness, concern and sharing her talents.

Svetlana Schreiber Cleveland Oh

I am so grateful for the golden hands of the very talented acupuncturist, Dr. Massarat Zutshi. I had crippling pain in my foot. I told people, i was ready to have my toe cut off to stop the pain. I would walk around with one shoe off to calm the pain. Dr. Zutshi’s miraculous identification of the acupuncture points which were the root of the pain and her treatment theroff stopped the pain completely. I am so grateful. She is truly gifted.

Maria Schmitt Cleveland Heights Oh

Dr. Zutshi has been instrumental in helping me to manage my stress and health. Her calm, skillful, and reassuring use of acupuncture has led me to a state of better wellness. Through her acupuncture treatments, I have avoided foot surgery, reduced my stress, and increased my energy level.
I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Zutshi and her acupuncture practice!!

Thomas Walsh Lakewood Ohio

Dr. Zutshi’s  technique with acupuncture is nuanced, and focuses on your individual concerns and desired outcome. Her extensive background as a physician is a comfort if you are new to the practice of  acupuncture, and her hands and heart are steady as she does expert work on your wellbeing. Often, I have left Dr. Zutshi with a load off my shoulders and a serene calm in my soul. I highly recommend her.

Marlene Bambrick Cleveland Oh

Dr.Zutshi helped me go from waking up at night 2-3 times coughing and having bad coughing attacks during the day to occasionally coughing. She is kind, caring and intelligent. She continually reads and educates herself by taking courses to help her help her patients. She has improved my quality of life and I am eternally grateful.

Theresa Dew Cleveland Oh

I am forever grateful for the acupuncture skills of Dr Massarat Zutshi. I have lived with chronic musculoskeletal pain for years from fibromyalgia, osteo and rheumatoid arthritis, among other ailments. Countless times she has placed her needles in just the right spot to allow me to return to my busy life. I highly recommend a visit with her.


Ray Schmitt Cleveland Heights Oh

I had the great fortune of having Dr. Zutshi help ease the pain I experienced over several weeks after radiation treatment I had received for prostate cancer.  Now in remission, I recently had a very difficult bout with bladder and prostate issues which she again helped me through while my urologist slowly turned that situation around.  I don’t know how things would have turned out in either case without her acupuncture. 

Sheila Friedman Cleveland Heights Oh

With 3 easy treatments Dr. Zutshi cured my decades-long tomato allergy. Wow! I am surprised, delighted, and enjoying marinara sauce once again.
A new believer in acupuncture,