Body Acupuncture

Needles are inserted in various meridian points after evaluating which meridians are deficient or are in excess. Medians are then balanced using various techniques. Although needles are the most common instrument of this practice, children and needle shy patients may be treated with ear seeds, cold lasers and acupressure. Treatments can vary from 15 minutes for a focused treatment to over and hour for complex issues.

Electro Acupuncture

Electro acupuncture is the process when needle handles are connected to electrodes that allows passage of low, medium or high frequency current from a device which is like a TENS unit which uses a low voltage (5 V). The electric current stimulates the release of various substances that have a therapeutic effect.  This may accentuate the effect of therapy at certain times rather than using needles alone. The passage of current may feel like a tapping or buzzing based on the frequency used. This is quite well tolerated by patients.

Auricular/Ear acupuncture

The ear serves as a microsystem where the entire body is represented in the small area of the ear surface. Through points that are previously mapped we can target areas or organs and plan a treatment protocol. Commonly used protocols include those for pain, weight loss, addictions, allergies, stress management, targeting organs among others.

Scalp Acupuncture

In this treatment needles are inserted in certain areas of the scalp and stimulated either manually or using electricity. Some treatments use no stimulation. The areas are well defined and are used to treat issues related to pain, paralysis after a stroke, balance issues, Parkinson’s Disease, tremors, rigidity, speech issues and hearing disorders.

Treatment of allergies using SAAT technique ( SOLIMAN AURICULAR ALLERGY TREATMENT)


I offer the SAAT technique having received a certification from the SOLIMAN ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE CENTER,

15245 Shady Grove Rd. , Suite 390 (South Tower). Rockville, MD 20850.

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The SAAT TECHNIQUE is a very unique approach of acupuncture treatment introduced and patented by Dr. Nader Soliman MD, FAAMA. It is a simple technique using only one needle inserted in a particular area of the ear after testing with the allergen (substance causing allergic reaction). It requires only one treatment for any particular allergen. This technique has proven to provide the strongest relief from allergy symptoms. Allergies treated could be environmental, food, metal amongst others.
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Facial Rejuvenation

The face and neck skin and muscles can be revitalized by using very fine needles inserted at acupoints as well as other areas causing micro trauma and allowing the body’s natural repairing system to heal and restore skin appearance and tone. Muscles that are sagging can be treated as well by revitalizing their tone. Other options this clinic uses to supplement acupuncture are red light therapy and microcurrent. Multiple sessions are required to achieve results and maintenance sessions are required to sustain the effect.

Red light therapy

Red light therapy used LED lights to generate infra-red or red light. It is also called photobiomodulation, low level laser therapy (LLLT) and low-power laser therapy (LPLT). There are 2 kinds of red light, near infra-red (which is felt as heat) and red light which is seen. Red light has a wavelength of about 620nm (nanometers) to 750nm. NIR has a wavelength of 750nm to 1200nm. This therapy uses a wavelength that targets the “mitochondria” within each cell. The cells then produce more energy which in turn is used to treat various disorders.

The red light penetrates the skin and is used in treating more superficial conditions like rejuvenating the skin and sleep disorders while the NIR penetrates deeper tissues and is used in the treatment of hair loss, muscular pain, dementia, osteoarthritis, tendinitis and other inflammatory conditions.

There is a lot of research into red light therapy and it has been shown to be safe and effective. This therapy is different from that used in tanning beds which used ultraviolet rays (UV).


Cupping is an ancient Chinese practice. It involves placing glass cups or plastic or silicone cups. These are placed at various points in the body using suction to keep them in place. The premise is to use negative suction, to unblock energy flow or to promote lymphatic drainage, increase circulation or expel toxins, based on where they are placed. They are retained for 10-15 minutes. They may be moved when treating muscles or fascia. This treatment as used as an adjunct therapy. The skin where the cups are placed may turn a bright pink to red temporarily.


I use a technique called frequency specific microcurrent. This is a very minute current (a millionth of an amp) delivered through a battery-operated device that has an output for 2 frequencies simultaneously. One frequency targets the tissue to be treated (e.g. muscle skin etc.) while the other targets the function it wants to enhance (eg. increase blood flow, decrease inflammation etc.) These frequencies were studied in the early 20th century and were recovered about 40 years ago. Practitioners create their own programs and the FSM community shares programs to treat various conditions from inflammation to mental health disorders.